Mustard Book of the Week – Start with Why by Simon Sinek

  • 04 Jan 2016
  • By Alan Jones
  • Read in 3 Minutes

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Mustard Book of the Week – Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Hope you all had a good festive break, recharged your batteries and are ready to face new challenges for 2016. This week’s book of the week is perfect for the New Year. Simon Sinek’s Start with Why is one of the first books that we introduce to our clients as it is part of our leadership module.

Every business is started for a reason. Uncovering and communicating the reason why a business exits is really powerful and inspiring. In this book Sinek talks about the “Golden Circle”. Every company or organization knows WHAT they do. These are the products we sell or the services we provide. Some companies and organizations know HOW they do what they do. The “differentiating value proposition” or “proprietary process” or “USP,” these are the things that set us apart from our competition; the things we think make us special or different from everyone else. Very few people and organizations can clearly articulate WHY they do what they do. Why is a purpose, a cause or a belief. It provides a clear answer to Why we get out of bed in the morning, Why our company even exists and why that should matter to anyone else.
Making money is NOT a Why. Revenues, profits, salaries and other monetary measurements are simply results of what we do. The Why inspires us.

Simon Sinek also refers to the way that our brains work, that I have referred to in previous books of the week – see the-chimp-paradox. The Why appeals to our emotions. The problem is that WHAT and HOW do not inspire action. Facts and figures make rational sense, but we don’t make decisions purely based on facts and figures. Starting with What is what commodities do. Starting with Why is what leaders do. Leaders inspire. I hope that this book inspires you!

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