Franchise & Licensing Advice

Mustard has developed an effective phased process to franchising and licensing.

We begin by working with you to clearly define the opportunity and the concept. Once defined, we help you prepare your business. Using the Mustard Business Diagnostic Tool™ we’re able to understand the position and state of the business. This allows us to understand the current value and in turn the potential full value of your business. Focussing on the core areas of the business, we identify the business strengths and potential weaknesses.

Our phased approach includes:

  • The Opportunity
  • The Operations Manual
  • Contracts and Disclosure Documents
  • Franchise & Licence Package
  • Franchisee & Licensee Recruitment
  • Franchisee & Licensee Training
  • Launch of Franchisee’s business
  • Controlled Growth and Support
  • 121 Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • 121 Group Skills Coaching
  • Mastermind & Peer To Peer Group Sessions
  • Online 8 Step Growth Process

We enable you to reach your potential so that you have more time, more money and more fun!

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