Anyone can set themselves up as a coach/mentor/consultant or adviser. It is a totally unregulated market. Mustard was set up to raise the bar and set some standards in the business advisory field. We have a proven rigorous process and 8 step programme that is guaranteed to produce results.

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with people that have either started up on their own or bought a franchise or licence from an organisation that will take anyone with a chequebook. Mustard has an enviable track record of success with all its clients and is protecting the brand by only engaging high quality advisers. There are many qualities that an adviser must have, but three in particular stand out :-

  1. The burning desire to help people. The client always comes first.
  2. The “earn the right.” The adviser must have been there and done it. Being an ex-bank manager or corporate middle manager just doesn’t cut the Mustard.
  3. The ability to handle relationships to get the best out of people.

Our advisers go through a rigorous standalone training programme. It is only after going through this programme that we can judge whether they are good enough to be a Mustard Adviser, and they can judge whether Mustard is right for them.

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