Book of the Week: Building the Happiness Centred Business – Dr Paddi Lund

  • 01 Dec 2015
  • By Alan Jones
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Book of the Week: Building the Happiness Centred Business – Dr Paddi Lund

The last couple of books I have featured have been best sellers. I wonder how many of you have heard of the crazy Australian dentist Paddi Lund? I have to admit to being a raving fan of Paddi. I have read, listened to and watched all his available material.

His first book is Building the Happiness Centred Business. Paddi tells a vivid story of how he built a “By Invitation Only” business that thrives despite having a locked front door, no signs and ex-directory telephone number. Paddi only works 22 hours a week yet makes 3 times more than the majority of his colleagues.

It wasn’t always so rosy for Paddi. He admits that he used to be a “drill them, fill them, bill them” dentist. Also, like a lot of dentists, he was very stressed and even had a breakdown. He and his staff scored 8 out of 10 for stress levels and 2 out of 10 for happiness. He literally took a chainsaw to his practice. He then set about rebuilding a model business focussing on reversing the stress/happiness scores.

One of the planks of my work with owner managed business is to focus on having happy, motivated staff. Good leadership and vision, happy staff, happy customers and good systems and processes will lead to a successful business. The teachings of Paddi Lund are an invaluable asset in illustrating how powerful having a Happiness Centred Business is.

Interestingly Sir Clive Woodward is a Paddi fan and describes “how a crazy Australian dentist helped England win 11 test matches in a row”.

Paddi Lund’s books aren’t your standard books. Paddi likes to be different and the style of his books are different. Not not everyone likes different, but I certainly do! Hope you enjoy it.

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