Most business owners believe that their business is their pension: when the time is right, they’ll sell it and retire. But, they often don’t consider that there may be a change in their personal circumstances. What if someone were interested in buying your business today? Is your business in a position to be bought?

Exit planning could also be called opportunity planning. You never know when that opportunity is going to knock, or when you want to sell.

Did you know that approximately 80% of businesses never sell? Only 1% of businesses sell for the valuation that the business owner is expecting, without having a lengthy earn-out period. We don’t believe that earn-outs work for the business owner.

So how do we go about exit planning or selling your business?

  • We use the Mustard Business Diagnostic Tool™ to assess the value created in the business.                                        
  • We increase the value of your business. (In fact, we’re so confident about doing this that we offer a money back guarantee!)
  • Structure the sale to maximise results.
  • Source potential buyers.
  • Advise on due diligence and liaise with stakeholders.

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