At Mustard we have a structured, yet flexible approach to growing businesses.

  • The structured approach is to start with our unique Mustard Business Diagnostic Tool™ which will produce a detailed 24-page report on the value that has been created in the business and the value yet to be created, broken down by function. It also produces a traffic-lighted action report and how ever good the business is, there is never a shortage of improvements to be implemented.

The logical and structured way is to work through these actions, starting with Leadership and Vision and finishing with Marketing and Sales. However, we know what it is like to run a business, and we are flexible enough to fix the areas that are causing most concern first.

Example graphs

Potential Business Value

This chart shows a summary of the business value split between the created and the potential value as
assessed in this report. This valuation assesses the value created at 50 %. To maximise the potential business
value the score could be enhanced by 100 % from this base. The commercial forces that drive the free market
value of this business should be positively affected by actions to improve on the business value potential.

Business Value analysed by principal categories

This report breaks down the business valuation assessment into the 8 categories that are summarised below. Each category is given deeper analysis further on in the report with an overall assessment for each section complimented by generic advice against the individual high and low scoring areas.

Before these 8 graphs, there follows 4 charts that give an overview of the analysis splitting the principle value quantifiers by the key areas of systemisation, evidence, application and functionality. Additionally the 8 categories are analysed by the degree of systemisation across each category.

We then agree the priorities from the traffic lighted action report.

We have sessions prepared for each and every one of these action points. We will agree the strategy and use our knowledge and experience on what has worked in other businesses, to walk the business owner(s) through how to implement the necessary actions in their business.

The logical and structured way to work through these action points on the 8 steps, starting Leadership and Vision finishing with Sales. However we are flexible and adaptable to start first fixing the areas that are keeping the business owner(s) awake.

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