Mustard has developed and tested an 8 Step Process that has helped every business that we have worked with to be more successful – see our case studies and testimonials. This 8 step process covers every aspect uncovered by our Diagnostic.

There is a logical order to go through the Eight Steps, as laid out. However we are pragmatic and flexible and can tackle the areas of most concern first. These are the areas that business owners can lose sleep over. Once we have steadied the ship, we will revert to the order, starting with Leadership.

We know what we do works – every time. The only thing that will stop it working is you. That’s why we go through a process to make sure that you are fully on board before starting. You will need to be open to taking advice and being held accountable. If you aren’t there is no point in starting.

We are so confident of our success that we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Step 1 – Leadership

It all starts with Leadership.

Like it or not you are the leader of your company – or you need to appoint a leader!

Your staff want to be led.

We will take you through all the leadership requirements which the bedrock of every successful business.

Step 2 – Brand

Branding is much more than having a logo.

Your brand is how your audience perceive you and how you communicate with them.

It is vitally important to be conveying the right message!

Step 3 – Customer Service

Every successful business has a focus on providing excellent customer service.

Every business we talk to likes to think that they are good at customer service. How good are you really?

Do you measure it, and if so how?

We will help you to measure your customer service delivery. All feedback is good feedback. Negative feedback gives you an opportunity to improve, and how you react to mistakes can enhance your customer relationships.

Step 4 – People

It is very difficult to have a successful business without happy and motivated people in your team.

We find that this is the area that causes business owners with the most problems.

The leadership step will have a big influence in this step.

We will take you through tools that will help to understand individual motivations, different behavioural profiles, emotional intelligence, and preferred methods of communicating. This will enhance how to manage and communicate with people and how teams can work better.

We will help you to empower people, through ownership, accountability and responsibility.

Step 5 – Finance

Finance is the heartbeat of the business. Every business owner needs to on top of the finance and understand and monitor


Profit and Loss

Balance sheet

It is much more enjoyable having a profitable business than a struggling business.

A company needs to be profitable to be sustainable.

Step 6 – Operations

Operations and systems are the core of the business.

Every business needs good operations and systems so that they deliver 100% of the time.

Systemisation of the business so that it doesn’t rely on the business owner or key staff for the day to day running greatly increases the value of the business.

Step 7 -Marketing

We can start marketing when we know

  1. Your USP or differentiator
  2. You target market
  3. Your routes to market
  4. Your “A” class customer

We will help you to develop a marketing strategy and a marketing plan.

We will need to measure the marketing KPIs and ROI.

Step 8 – Sales

What is your sales process?

What are your features and benefits?

How do your sales people rank against the top sales performers?

Which aspects of the sales process are they good at and which aspects do they need help with?

Have they had sales training?

Do they have a predictable pipeline?

Do they have KPI’s?


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