Trust (Honesty, commitment);

We believe that we are more than a business adviser to our clients. We earn the title of Trusted Adviser by being steadfast, consistent and true in all our dealings with clients and each other. We believe that customer service is at the heart of every business, especially our own.


Good leadership is vital to any business. People want to be led, and great leaders inspire people to reach higher, dream bigger and achieve. We practice what we preach and will inspire our clients to inspire their people. We empower people, by giving them ownership, accountability and responsibility. We like to lead by example in excelling in customer service.



Good communication is vital to all businesses, and as a business grows, good communication becomes more challenging.

At Mustard we practice what we preach:

  • We agree the preferred methods of communication.
  • We agree maximum response times for different forms of communication.
  • We take responsibility if our communication hasn’t been understood.
  • We treat others as they want to be treated.



We are great believers in the power of positive mind-set. To quote Henry Ford
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”

We believe in

  • Living above the line, taking ownership, accountability and responsibility.
  • Being an energy radiator not a drain.
  • Taking actions, not avoiding conflicts or procrastinating.
  • Being positive and using positive language.
  • Focusing on achieving goals.


We will always strive to bring a fresh approach to business advice with the support of tools such as:
Bespoke Mustard Diagnostic Tool;
Project Management and Goal Setting Software;
We are also accredited in the Five Insights: Behavioral; Emotional Intelligence;
Motivators; Competencies; and Acumen Capacity.

We keep pace with global and technology trends, in sharing the latest knowledge from
the world’s foremost business and behavioural gurus.



Advising is serious stuff, but when you love what you do it naturally follows that you enjoy and relish each new day and relationship. We want to help our clients feel this pleasure from their own business. We want to have fun and we want our clients to enjoy the experience.

Remember that our Why is
“To enable owner managed business to realise their potential, so that they have more
time, more money and more fun.”

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