We believe that understanding yourself and your team is vital to business success, which is why we’re accredited in the research-based, validated assessment tools from TTI Insights, a global leader in Behaviours, Motivators, Acumen, Competencies and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). These are science-based assessments developed to find, retain and understand top talent; they can also give you a comprehensive insight for self-development and understanding. We assess the following:


Behaviours reveal how individuals like to be managed and communicated with; including what value he or she will bring to a team, their ideal environment and the possible limitations they may face.


Motivators are the windows through which an individual views the world. Motivators reveal why an individual acts a certain way, and what motivates them to perform a job.


Acumen, or a person’s keenness and depth of perception, will identify how a person thinks and makes decisions and will clarify natural abilities or capacities.


Applied in conjunction with a job benchmark, competencies ensure the inherent skills of each individual match the soft skills required by the job.

Emotional Intelligence/EQ

Emotional Intelligence (also referred to as EQ) is an individual’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.

90% of the difference between star performers and average performers in senior leadership positions is in EQ*

*Daniel Goleman – Emotional Intelligence

Sales Benchmarking

The Sales Skills Index has been developed to test an individual’s sales skills and benchmarks them against the strategies chosen by top performing sales people.


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