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Our ideal clients are looking to grow their business, acquire other businesses, franchise or license their business, or exit their business (through trade sale, succession planning, management buyout or buy in).

They must be open to being challenged and being held to account. They recognise that engaging with an adviser is a sign of strength not weakness. We can look at their business objectively, without being clouded by personalities or historical events. We take them through our diagnostic and formulate an action plan to help them achieve their goals.

We can work with any business in any sector, but we prefer to work with owner-managed businesses because they can quickly implement the agreed strategies and action plans, unencumbered by numerous committees or large management boards.

We have worked with numerous owner-managed businesses. See our Mustard Case Studies  We have spent decades refining and fine tuning our process to enable our client to have more time, more money and more fun!

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