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DataKom are an award-winning telecom company providing business telephone systems for Cardiff, Bristol and the rest of the South West UK. Their MD Jay Ball had built a very successful business from scratch and appointed Mustard as their trusted advisers to identify further areas of improvement, hold accountable and challenge where appropriate.


Because Jay and his team had already built a very successful business  it was going to be a challenge to find these further areas for improvement.

How we helped

  • We took Datakom through our Mustard Diagnostic that looked at all aspects of the business, how well they were documented, now well they were applied, how effective they were and who was responsible.
  • The resultant report showed how much value had been created in the business, but also there was still value yet to be created, across all the different functions of the business.
  • A traffic lighted action report that was produced prioritised the actions that were needed to be able to continue to scale the business.
  • Jay had a capable management team but maintained a tight grip on all aspects of the business. To remove Jay from being the bottle neck to further growth he needed to empower his team by giving them ownership of the challenges, responsibility, and accountability.
  • We helped to reduce the management meetings for long winded, day long affairs, to a short sharp meeting that focused on the objectives and actions to be taken.
  • We helped establish Why the business did and acted like it did, it’s USP’s, values and culture. This was disseminated throughout the company so that all the team bought into the ethos and focussed on over achieving against agreed objectives.


  • The focus on customer service paid dividends in the customer satisfaction score
  • The team were more engaged in the business, had clarity about their roles and their contribution to continued growth and success of DataKom and this was reflected in higher staff satisfaction scores.
  • The company revenue grew by over a million pounds (over 25% increase).
  • The company excelled against its profit targets.
  • Jay was extracted out of the day to day of the company, so that he had more time, more money and more fun.

With the help of Mustard the business achieved


Turnover increase

100 x

Return on Investment


Profit increase

Quote icon We engaged with Mustard because we were going through a growth period, and to create more structure for the management team. We had high expectations from Mustard, however they over-delivered by far. So since we have been working with Mustard over the last 18 months, the business has grown by a million pounds in revenue. We looked at as an annual cost for the business, and could we improve the business by that much every year. I think that if you look at it from that perspective, I’d say that 100 times we have achieved that. I would absolutely recommend Mustard. - Jay Ball, MD DataKom Ltd

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