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Scott Jones had started Illustrate Digital in 2013 and built it to be one of the leading WordPress agencies in the UK. Previously Scott had worked on the client-side of the industry and had experienced bad customer service. Today, as a result, Illustrate Digital exists to make clients feel good about owning and operating their website and works hard to help improve the results of their digital marketing. Illustrate Digital specialise in the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, two brilliant tools for building better web experiences.


Illustrate Digital’s specialism in WordPress and WooCommerce, paired with amazing customer service means that they attract and retain clients to work on ambitious projects with them. The pace of growth was difficult to manage, and Scott found himself spread far too thinly.

How we helped

The Mustard Diagnostic revealed that Scott was the bottleneck to future growth, as too much had to filter through him. So much so, it impeded his ability to market the business and bring on board new clients.

We started with clearly defining Illustrate’s Why – its purpose and why it existed, understanding its values and culture. Scott and the team had already defined the values but these hadn’t been embedded across the business and we needed to bring them to life.

We looked at where the pressure points were, what development team members needed, what process needed to be introduced and the additional team members needed to enable the growth.

We helped to put together a strong management team, promoting people internally where possible and bringing in others from the outside when not.


With the help of Mustard the business achieved


Annual Growth

Quote icon We’re pleased to have worked with Alan and the team at Mustard Advisers to support the growth and structure of our business. There were some fundamental business principles and processes missing from the way we operated, things that we couldn’t possibly spot with our heads focussed on delivering value for our clients. The Mustard Diagnostic, paired with Alan’s industry experience, was a key driving force for identifying our strengths and weaknesses and concentrating our time on the most valuable areas of improvement. - Scott Jones, MD Illustrate Digital Picture of Scott Jones, MD Illustrate Digital

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