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Mustard Adviser Helen Phillips has been working with Nick Stevenson, Head of Customer Success at Ticketsolve, to help him to achieve his potential.

Nick is incredibly capable, and highly productive, but looked for assurance that he was doing a great job, and this was holding him back.

When we work with business owners, the process starts with Leadership – how you manage yourself, how to get the best out of relationships with other people, and how to create a culture where your team can thrive.

We took elements of the Mustard Programme, and built them into a bespoke coaching programme for Nick, acting as coach, mentor and sounding board, and holding him to account to make sure that he applied what he had learnt to his role at Ticketsolve.

Here’s Nick in his own words, explaining what it’s been like working with Mustard:

Who are Ticketsolve, who do they help, and what is your role?

Ticketsolve is a ticketing, marketing, CRM, fundraising and memberships platform for arts and culture organisations, with a reputation as a valued strategic partner to our customers that has built up over the past 15 years. We work with over 350 organisations across the UK and Ireland. We care about our customers. We’re passionate about the wider arts, culture and heritage industry, and are driven by a desire to do everything we can to support it. And we truly believe in Ticketsolve as a powerful platform that helps our customers achieve their goals. It’s this passion that is always pushing us to do more, to go further, to be better.
My role at Ticketsolve is the Head of Customer Success and I am responsible for helping each of our customers get the most value from their partnership with us. The success of Ticketsolve has been driven by three things – our dedicated team, our amazing relationships with our customers, and our ability to leverage a ridiculous amount of data to back up everything we do.

Customer success goes beyond everyday support – it means we take a strategic approach as your box office partner, with the sole focus of making sure the Ticketsolve platform is not just serving your needs but exceeding your expectations too.

What challenges were you having before working with me?

As a senior manager at Ticketsolve, I felt like I needed a bit of a boost to get me up to that next stage. I mean, I’ve got a ton of different hats to wear, including Customer Success, which isn’t always a walk in the park. But pushing through to that next step? That’s something I’ve always had a bit of a tough time with.

Working remotely doesn’t make it easier. It’s a bit lonely, and you miss the chance to casually throw around ideas unless you specifically set up a call for it. And you know what, I’ll admit it, I’ve got a bit of imposter syndrome going on. I constantly felt like I had to show I was up to scratch, and I was always waiting for my colleagues to give me that thumbs up that I was doing a good job.

What reservations or concerns did you have about working with Mustard before we started?


It’s always difficult to find the right person to work with and you need to make sure that the relationship is going to work out as this process was going to involve opening up and showing all my vulnerabilities. But I shouldn’t have worried, Helen made sure that we would work together first before even talking about the next steps. Helen jumped on a call and we basically had a chat. Straight away, I knew I could work with Helen and everything would work out.

What surprised or delighted you?

How easy it was to talk openly to Helen. I thought I would have been a little more guarded, but the conversation just flowed and Helen was able to pick up on where my weakness were and then she went to work on trying to improve those.

What results have you had as a result of working with Mustard?


I am much more confident now. I know I do a really good job and am one of the top performing individuals in the company. But, I haven’t lost my humility either. I don’t feel as if I have to prove myself all of the time. I have also improved my communication and relationship building with everyone I meet and this has helped me so much when I help out on the sales side of things. I can now identify what sort of personality I am talking to and change my behavior accordingly.

What was the best thing about working with Helen?

How easy it was. It felt as if I was just jumping on a call and talking to a friend. But through every session I was just absorbing all the information and using that in my work.

Would you recommend Mustard, and why?

Absolutely, I’ve loved working with Helen and have really developed as an individual, and learned so much. Over the past 12 months I’ve seen a huge change in not only my business life, but also my personal day to day life. It’s been a pleasure!

With the help of Mustard the business achieved


+ 100%

Quote icon Helen's fantastic, and I'd definitely recommend her. Since I started working with her, I've grown so much. She's got this knack for really listening to what you're saying and shaping everything around what's going to work best for you. When we first teamed up, we had a good chat about what success would look like and laid down a plan to get there. This past year has been so good and I've just loved learning from her and working with her. - Nick Stevenson - Head of Customer Success, Ticketsolve

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