Ideal clients “A vs D”

  • 15 May 2015
  • By Alan Jones
  • Read in 5 Minutes

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Do you have customers who:

  • Constantly complain and haggling over price – how expensive your products and services are?
  • Never satisfied and cost you more to service?
  • Moan about your company to other people?
  • Are draining and demanding on your time, energy and resources?
  • Pay late and always need chasing?
  • Threaten to leave if you don’t comply too their demands?
  • Just more trouble than they are worth to you?

Business owners tend put up with these customers, they are afraid to say goodbye. However, bad customers drain you, your team and your profit. They take up too much of your time for very little return. Work generated for these bad customers is time consuming, difficult and impossible to deliver on. This effects your reputation, your staff morale and your focus. Not only that, but your ideal customers suffer because your spending too much time and effort on these D Class clients.

So imagine that you sent these D class clients packing and then focused your time and effort on your ideal customers? You and your team spent all your efforts servicing and finding new ideal clients. Its been proven time and time again that the more time spent with the right customer supports both your business and personal success along with your profitability.

Many business owners fall into the trap of brining on every customer they can – it’s revenue and growth right? You need to look past the immediate increase in revenue and focus more on profit and consistent customer service. You can say NO to the customer! The truth is that the customer is not always right, especially when it impacts the profitability and direction of your business.

Here at Mustard we work with our clients to identify their A B C and D Clients. If you’ve been to one of our lunches you would have heard conversations about each others D class clients!

A = Awesome
B = Border Line
C = Crossed the Line!
D = Draining

So, in contrast an A class client wants your products and has the ability to pay on time! They are engaged, motivated, focused and an advocate of you. They can see the value and are happy to pay fair market value for your service and products.

They work with you in partnership, they give as well as take, they see the value and never dispute or moan about costs. They invest time and energy into the relationship, they pay on time, they refer people to you, they recommend you and your company and above all they invest time and emotion into the relationship.

Spend more time with developing and nurturing you’re A Class customers and see the difference it makes to you, your team and your company.

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