Its lonely at the top!

  • 25 Mar 2015
  • By Alan Jones
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Its lonely at the top!

As a business owner you are solely responsible for the success and failure of your business, the decisions you make shape future outcomes either positively or negatively, and most business owners make these decisions alone. Not only that but they also see there enthusiasm quickly vanish under reams of paperwork and the excitement of running a company fast turns to hassle, frustration creeps in and the work life balance gets hit hard.

Its lonely being a business owner, I should know I am one. Fortunately for me I have a business partner with whom I can share my ideas and discuss issues – this means I’m not alone and I don’t get frustrated.

But not every owner has this luxury and this is where a trusted business adviser can make all the difference. Having that structured support from an outside person who can be that sounding board that you desperately need to bounce ideas off and help with those tough decisions.

A business adviser can give you the advice, tools, skills and confidence you need to drive your business forward, you will get independent and objective advice to help you make the right choices and decisions for your business.

Here are some things to consider in identifying the right business advisor for you;

Experience is the number one thing to look for, what exactly have they accomplished in life? Have they earned the right to advise you? Have they walked the walk? Have they even run a business? Have they experienced success and failure? Do they have real life experiences?

Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials and to speak with current owners they are working with, google them to get the dirt! This first step is key in weeding out the medicore from the accomplished.

Then you must consider the persons attitude. Does this person have a positive attitude towards business and life in general. What you will find is that a great advisor has a positive attitude, which has been built up over time and years of multiple experiences. They are able to detach emotion, see the bigger picture and listen with positive intent.

Will this business advisor have the will to hold you accountable. The best thing about being a business owner is that nobody holds you accountable; the worst thing for a business owner is not being held accountable! Being held accountable gets things done, its far to easy to focus on things you enjoy and leave those tough issues alone. A business advisor will set you goals and tasks and then hold you accountable for their completion.

Finally is this business adviser willing to share it all? Are they willing to share all of their experiences with you, both negative and positive? Will they hold back on their experiences so to not hurt your feelings, are they being transparent and honest with you. Sometimes you feel people are holding back – this is not the time to hold back.

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