Sales people love water!

  • 12 Mar 2015
  • By Alan Jones
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Sales people love water!

You see it all the time, sales guys handing out business cards to every person they meet like they’re a magic spell turning the receiver into a prospect, and guess what it doesn’t stop there, business owners do the same thing!

I attended a networking event for business owners and walked out and hour later with over 30 business cards, what a night hey! But listen please don’t ask me who was who and who did what – I have no idea! Were these people expecting me to follow up and call them? I suspect so…

Why is everyone so eager to give their business cards out to everyone they meet, why is that? What are they expecting to happen? Ironically at that same networking event I only gave out one business card to the one fascinating guy who didn’t just ask me like a computer – so what do you do? I actually had a great conversation with him and we both discovered that we could help each other. He was the nugget I had gone to find that night, but I had to throw away a lot of water.

Jordan Belfort talks about this nugget in his seminars, he describes sales people like “Gold Panners” and poor ones at that! Most sales people are trying to turn water into gold, what they don’t realise is that you have to throw away more water then you will find gold.

So as sales people and business owners you have to find buyers (gold nuggets), but to get to them you have to identify non-buyers first (the water). This is where people go wrong they spend far too much time trying to turn water into gold, stop trying to turn non-buyers into buyers. Spend your time with buyers, the more time you spend with buyers the more you sell.

So stop looking for water to turn to gold and start focusing on finding the gold.

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