What is the Mustard Lunch?

  • 19 Oct 2015
  • By Alan Jones
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What is the Mustard Lunch?

We are often asked this question by business owners and the professional networking crowd, so we thought it best to tell you.

The Mustard monthly lunch is an invite only event for our existing clients and people that we work with to meet one another in an informal, relaxed setting. It’s an opportunity for them to talk openly to one another about themselves and their businesses with out added pressure to network and exchange cards.

The lunch is focussed on building relationships rather “networking”. It is, in our opinion, a refreshing change to more formal networking events, where there is pressure to go into sales mode, exchange business cards and pitch services. It is more about meeting positive and interesting people; enjoying good food and good company at a top location. Once the relationships have been established business often follows.

As well as our clients we invite our trusted business partners, who have supported us and invested emotional time and effort in making Mustard and our clients successful. It is also a great environment for potential clients and advisers interested in joining the Mustard group to talk to our existing clients about their experience with Mustard. They might want to ask about how they found Mustard’s process and tools; how we work; and what we have helped them achieve.

At Mustard we focus on people and what you know. We want you to be with like-minded individuals creating value and long term relationships. It’s about sharing thoughts and asking questions, being remembered, providing a benefit and a helping hand to each other. That’s what we encourage.

In summary Mustard lunches are a way to meet interesting people and connect at a personal level. We actively look for ways to help each other, and it’s a way to say thank you and build lasting trust and meaningful relationships. Maybe we will see you at one in the near future!

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