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Anita Davies, of Freedom from Tedium, has a Virtual Assistant and admin support business.  They help small and medium sized businesses with their general administration, social media management, copywriting, and customer service support allowing clients to focus on running their business, applying their knowledge and focusing on revenue generation.

Anita was feeling a little unsettled and out of sync with her business having had most of her clients put themselves on hold during the lockdown.  She needed some support to get both her short term and long-term goals in order, and took up the opportunity of a 90-minute Zoom consultation with Mustard Adviser, Helen Phillips.

Before working with Mustard, Anita was concerned that there would be a sales pitch or hard sell.  She was also nervous about being completely open and honest about where she was business wise as being a business owner is challenging right now.

Anita found that Helen was very easy to speak to.  She put her at ease quickly and challenged her to really explore what she wanted.

Anita has had a number of potential clients get in touch with, some of these are as a direct result of links that Helen has sent through, but she also believes that the clarity that the session with Helen gave her has allowed her to be more open and accessible to potential clients.

Helen was happy to draw out all kinds of options and directions for the business and for growth.

Quote icon “Helen is firm but fair. She has a gentle way that allows you to relax, be honest and explore your business and your own desires but also firm enough to call you out on your own nonsense. She will not let you hold yourself back easily and will challenge behaviours that may be holding you back.” - Anita Davies, MD Freedom from Tedium Picture of Anita Davies, MD Freedom from Tedium

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