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Carl Gough, of CARGO Interiors, is a workplace design and fit-out specialist.

The CARGO brand was born from the realisation that the ‘modern’ workplace was outdated and un-supportive of the new generation.

CARGO understands that in order to be productive, a space needs to offer choice and control to support various activities and changing moods from open collaboration areas to heads down focused zones, allowing people to work in an environment that is most suitable for them.

Carl was thinking of employing a second salesperson, and wondering whether it was the right thing to do for the company, given the uncertainty of the economic situation.  He took up the opportunity of a free 90-minute workshop that Mustard Advisers are offering during the Covid-19 lock down.

Helen Phillips, Mustard Adviser, asked some great questions to understand Carl’s concerns.  She challenged his assumptions, gave him a number of alternatives to consider, helped him think through his options, and encouraged him to make a decision.

Carl found the experience easy – and liked that it felt personal to him.  Carl was delighted by how well Helen understood his needs.

As a result of working with Helen, Carl has decided to employ a new salesperson, and has clarity on the sort of candidate he is looking for.

Quote icon I would recommend Helen and Mustard Advisers to anybody who is looking for support and guidance in developing and growing their business because they are knowledgeable and friendly - Carl Gough - Managing Director, Cargo Interiors

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