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Sector: Business Coaching


After 30 years of broad business experience working in industry at senior levels, Helen had decided to build upon her passion as a sailing coach and set herself up as a business consultant.


Helen’s initial clients all came from her own network of people that knew, respected and trusted her. When Helen tried going out to a wider network of people that didn’t already know her, she found it difficult to find her target market and to communicate her USP as a business coach.

How we helped

  • Helen sailed through our pre-assessment programme and demonstrated her impressive experience and competencies.
  • Helen undertook our rigorous 5 day training programme. Upon successful completion of the programme we were convinced that Helen would be a great ambassador for Mustard and possessed the three critical qualities:
    • The burning desire to help people. The client always comes first.
    • The “Earn the Right.” The adviser must have been there and done it. Being an ex-bank manager or corporate middle manager just doesn’t cut the Mustard.
    • The ability to handle the relationships to get the best out of people.
  • We armed Helen with the Mustard Tools
  • We armed Helen with our Mustard 8 Step program that is so successful that we have the confidence to offer a money back guarantee.
  • We helped Helen to engage with clients through
    • Targeting our ideal clients
    • Promoting and marketing Helen and Mustard
    • Our Value Proposition through Mustard’s Why , how and values.
    • Routes to market


  • Helen started to work with clients introduced through our network.
  • The more that the clients benefited from Helen’s advice and delivery of the Mustard 8 step programme, the more Helen’s confidence grew.
  • Helen was delighted to be able to help clients achieve their business and personal potentials.
  • Helen’s success resulted in her having more time, more money and more fun.
Quote icon When I came across the opportunity to combine my passion for coaching with my broad business experience it was a match made in heaven. As a result of working with Mustard I have become more confident in my abilities as a business adviser and the value of the experience I already had. I have become more focused on what my offer is and my target market. It has helped me to become more successful. If you are thinking of joining Mustard, and if seeing people develop is what drives you – then go for it! - Helen Phillips, Mustard Adviser

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