Jammy Custard

Sector: Creative Industries


Jammy Custard are an animation studio.  They partner with marketing and advertising agencies, and work with clients of shapes and sizes to help them tell their stories and connect with their audience.

When Jammy Custard started working with Mustard, they felt they had all the right ingredients to be a successful company, but like a lot of small companies, felt that they had reached an invisible ceiling.

They wanted someone to come in and make sense of who they were, what they had, what they could improve, and what they were missing


The directors, Patrick and Matt, were highly motivated and passionate about the company, but worked long hours to achieve their success.

Critical processes in the business were dependent on the directors, which made it difficult for them to take a break.

How we helped

Using the Mustard Diagnostic, we were able to identify where the company was doing well, and what was missing in the foundations for stable, sustainable growth.

Working closely with the directors, we were able to help them with:

  • Clarifying and documenting the vision for the business
  • Creating an ambitious 3 year plan for stable and sustainable growth
  • Creating a model of the future organisation, and trigger points to hire additional team members
  • Systemising the client acquisition and project management processes so that they could operate consistently with minimum input from the directors
  • Support the directors through the challenges of the Covid pandemic


Since we have been working with Jammy Custard, they have seen:

  • 4 x growth in turnover
  • Increased the team from 3 to 5, with further vacancies being created
  • Significant increase in profitability
  • Attracting prestigious clients who value the quality of their work, and allow them more creative freedom
  • Client acquisition and project management processes can be carried out by less experienced team members, allowing Patrick to spend several weeks on paternity leave on the birth of his first child.

With the help of Mustard the business achieved


Annual growth

Creative Freedom

Type of work

Prestigious Clients

Type of client

Quote icon Helen was really good at understanding who we were pretty quickly….She used that to get into having the more uncomfortable conversations that we really needed to have The type of projects we have undertaken in the past year are vastly different from what we were doing a couple of years ago. We’re working on much larger projects, with more budget, and we’re able to provide a higher quality production – and that’s exactly what we want to be doing. The company is really well set up for the future, and it was a great return on investment - Patrick Hathaway, CEO and Co-Founder Picture of Patrick Hathaway, CEO and Co-Founder

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