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Roger Davies established P4B Law in 2006 with the one goal to be the best law firm in South Wales and the South West, specialising solely in employment law. Since then they acquired more and more clients, 99% through recommendations.


Roger had built a very strong team of qualified employment lawyers, employment tribunal defence specialists, paralegals and administration team, but the business still relied very heavily on him. He worked very long hours and found it very difficult to take any holiday without having to work.

How we helped

We examined why the business relied so heavily on Roger’s expertise. He had a wealth of experience, great people skills and expert commercial acumen, but so did his team. Together we analysed the spread of case workloads, clients and tasks and redistributed them amongst the team.

Roger had done a lot of work in systemising the business, through templating and automating documents and workflows. We made the completion of this bespoke system a priority.

We analysed the client base, the services provided and measured client satisfaction. From this we targeted securing more A class clients that demonstrate the culture and values in line with those of P4B Law.

We also tracked the net gain in client income – new client income by source, offset by client losses and reasons – the vast majority for external reasons such as the company being acquired.


The systemising of the business greatly increased efficiencies so that the team could concentrate more on the expert legal advice, handle more clients and take some of the workload off Roger. Additionally, this allowed for more working from home, and the hot desking model allowed the business to save substantial office costs.

Increased turnover well exceeded targets and the additional A class clients were serviced without having to employ more staff.

Roger was finally able to take a three-week holiday without having to continuously checking and answering emails. We are delighted that we helped Roger to have more time, more money and more fun!

Quote icon Having run a successful employment law practice for 15 years, if I’m honest I was rather sceptical about what benefit Alan Jones and Mustard Advisers would bring to my business. What I hadn’t appreciated of course, was the obvious, that I didn’t know what I didn’t know! It is so easy running a small busy business to get sucked into the everyday running and operations of it, that you fail to see the bigger picture. With the help of Alan, together with his expertise and vision I was able to take a step back, look at the business in a different light, evaluate everything that we did and address some fundamental issues, some of which had always been nagging at me but never addressed. The changes have really made a difference. Ranging from the day to day issues, increased profitability and perhaps most fundamentally it brought back the pleasure of running a business. All of this was done with Alan’s constructive support, insight, a huge breadth of knowledge and his trademark humour! You’ve probably already worked out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alan and Mustard Advisers! - Roger Davies, MD P4B Law Picture of Roger Davies, MD P4B Law

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