Great Feedback from Mustard Client, Dan Harris of AOTV

  • 30 Aug 2020
  • By Helen Phillips
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Great Feedback from Mustard Client, Dan Harris of AOTV

We always encourage our prospects to call our existing clients, so they can get an honest view of what it is like working with us - Helen was surprised and delighted at the response she got.

Mustard Adviser, Helen Phillips, has been working with Daniel Harris of AOTV since February 2020.  They had hardly started putting together plans for stable, sustainable growth, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, and businesses were forced into lock down.  It could have been a disaster, but Dan has bucked the trend in his industry and is seeing continued growth for his business.

Recently, Helen asked Dan if she could pass on his details to one of her prospects.  She was delighted with the reply:

“As soon as the depth of the Covid pandemic was realised on my industry I took stock of all recurring costs, subscriptions were paused, accounting was brought back in house and a new financial forecast was drawn up. Helen and the Mustard services were not one of the elements to be cut. I quickly realised that while her insights pre Covid had been valuable, her contribution during a potentially rocky period has been invaluable. It’s one of the simplest endorsements I can give but the Mustard programme coupled with Helen’s experience and diligence have contributed to our growth. While many video production companies have gone dormant during Covid, we’ve actually had an increase in turnover. I know I’m pretty good technically and that’s why we’ve been able got pivot to remote events, but there’s thousands of great freelancers out there. I want a business that’s able to survive if I get sick, a business that sees continued growth and ultimately that’s what our clients want from us too.

It’s true that the Mustard programme offers a slick package of resources but it’s the expert knowledge that comes with it, the ability to apply business models to your scenario and ultimately a person to hold you to account, ensuring that you meet the milestones that you’ve set for yourself.”

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