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As chairman, Alan’s role is to develop Mustard Advisers into a leading Business Advisory Group. His key focus is:

  • Continually developing and innovating the Mustard 8 Step process to ensure that the best of breed tools and materials are available to Mustard Advisers to enable their clients to realise their potential, so that they have more time, more money and more fun.
  • Having unrivalled training and support for Mustard Advisers, enabling them to realise their potential, so that they have more time, more money and more fun.
  • Alan is also passionate about advising a few selective clients himself, practising what he preaches, and experiencing the differences he makes to his clients’ lives.

Who Alan loves to work with

Alan loves to work with clients and advisers that are open to being challenged and embrace continual improvement. After all, engaging with a business adviser is a sign of strength not weakness.

Alan enjoys seeing the difference that he can make to people’s lives, by having a clarity of vision and an action plan to achieve their goals. Alan says the most satisfying sessions are when he turns up to find the client despondent – yes, it does happen, and is often related to people problems – to turn them around and leave them felling that they are going to conquer the world.

There are many competencies that are required to be a good adviser, but in my opinion, there are three essential ones:

  • The burning desire to help people. Always advising what is best for the client, however difficult or unpalatable the advice might seem.
  • The adviser must have “earned the right” to sit across the table from the client. They must have been there and done it — been successful in their career.
  • The adviser must have the ability to be an adviser, mentor and coach when the situation calls for it.  The focus is on what will work for the client, it’s not about the adviser’s ego.

Career background

Alan had a long and successful career with Golley Slater. As Financial Director he had Executive responsibilities for Group Operations including Finance, IT and Human Resources. Through acquisitions, start up and disposals, the group grew to 19 subsidiary companies covering the whole of the UK.

Since 2008 Alan has turned his talents to helping owner managed businesses to achieving achieve outstanding results with:

  • Growth strategies
  • Acquisitions.
  • Exit

Alan has developed an 8 Step process model, that, if followed under guidance, will produce results. He has now licensed that model so that other advisers can harness it to produce the same results for their clients.

Personal interests

Outside work Alan is an active sportsman. He still plays football (proper football not walking football!) and is very proud to have been part a local football society for the last twenty years. Alan also plays competitive badminton and enjoys TRX training three times a week. Alan and wife enjoying travelling and visiting their four sons, currently based in Cardiff, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

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