The two powerful fears

  • 10 Mar 2015
  • By Alan Jones
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Tags: fear of failure, fear of rejection, Sales coaching

The two powerful fears

Here at Mustard we love success. We love working with successful people, successful teams and successful businesses; but what makes us successful?

Is it skill, knowledge, determination or hard work? Maybe.
Is it money, team, luck or timing? It could be all of the above.
But what we have found through our travels, experiences and careers is that it’s FEAR that makes us successful.

Fear is more powerful than any skill, other emotions, timing, knowledge and products — it’s the one thing that drives us forward and it’s the one thing that holds us back!

Many people use the Fear of Failure to keep pushing forward, striving for success. To others the Fear of Failure holds you back because you don’t want to fail.

The same can be said for the Fear of Rejection. Many people work and strive hard to not be rejected and many others sit back because of the fear of being rejected. They don’t want to raise their hand or make a call or suggest a change for fear of rejection.

We see this in businesses all around the world. It’s not unique to one country, one sector, one market, one business or one person. It’s everywhere.

However, we all know fear can be overcome and it’s the same in business. If you want to encourage success and develop a successful culture you need to set the team up for success. Get them used to successful outcomes, set goals that can be achieved then celebrate them and encourage a culture where people can share ideas and raise their hand and reward them. Encourage the sharing of best practice, mastermind groups and develop champions in the business.

Success breads success, as Brian Tracy says:

“Whatever you believe, with feeling, becomes your reality.”

So guess what? Successful people believe they are successful and their reality is just so – success.

Start the success ride now and watch the difference.

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