Mustard looks back at their biggest achievements in 2020

  • 30 Dec 2020
  • By Laura Bennett
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Mustard looks back at their biggest achievements in 2020

Mustard is proud to share their biggest achievements in 2020 in this roundup of the year.

In a year with more struggles than most, especially for small businesses and their owners, Mustard has still been able to provide a huge amount of support and advice to business owners.

In 2020, small business owners may have been in more need of assistance with direction and strategy. Luckily, Mustard was on hand all year to offer expert advice.

With a small roundup of 2020, Mustard is here with their three biggest highlights and achievements of the year.

Client success with Jammy Custard

Jammy Custard is a Cardiff-based animation studio which was established more than eight years ago. Founded by Patrick Hathaway and Matthew Creed, their vision was to become one of the most important names in animation in Wales.

The pair have thus far achieved huge success by becoming known for making short films, and winning awards for their stories through animation.

Mustard began working with Jammy Custard towards the end of 2019  The animation company felt they were ready to scale up their business, and knew that they would benefit from support and guidance along the way.

In spite of the challenges of this year, through working with experienced business advisers at Mustard, Jammy Custard has seen significant growth and is even looking forward to exciting projects in 2021. The company even has the potential of achieving the same levels of growth again.

In addition to this success, thanks to Mustard’s help and business advice, Patrick and Matt have been able to develop in their roles from working on day to day activities within the organisation, to one where they are directing the business.

Helen Phillips is the dedicated business adviser for Jammy Custard, and she’s incredibly proud to see her client grow this far. 

Offering COVID business assistance to business owners

At the start of lockdown in the UK, many business owners were facing threats to their businesses. Being a business owner is a lonely place, and having someone to bounce ideas off of is even more important at times of rapid change.

Mustard realised that this was a time to be helping people’s businesses survive, review their options, and pivot their businesses quickly. Mustard was also keen to give something back.

The two main services that Mustard offered were:

1 – Generating resources on how to generate positive cash flow and holding onto the cash you already have

This helped business owners understand how to manage their money better during uncertain times. This resource can be found still on Mustard’s website here.

2 – Offering a series of free 90-minute consultations

Mustard’s consultations helped five companies, who all benefited hugely.

These consultations were so well received that they were recognised by Zokit, who had Mustard in their list of finalists for the Business Enabler Award as part of the Business Evolution Awards 2020.

These consultations enabled business owners to:

  • Take a step back
  • Evaluate their position
  • Look at how they could pivot their business
  • Take advantage of new opportunities
  • Thrive in the new economic climate.

The five companies who worked with Mustard during these consultations gave tremendous feedback on how much value they felt they gained from the experience.

Receiving excellent feedback

Throughout 2020, Mustard has been the recipient of some excellent feedback from a range of clients.

One notable highlight was the amazing feedback from video production service company, AOTV, who, amongst other things, said that business adviser Helen’s “contribution during a potentially rocky period has been invaluable.”

Additional rewarding feedback came from other clients including Carl Gough, of CARGO Interiors, who said:

“I would recommend Helen and Mustard Advisers to anybody who is looking for support and guidance in developing and growing their business.”

English-to-Polish business and corporate translator, Sylwia Biczyk, similarly praised Helen Phillips’ advice by saying:

“Helen really helped to develop small actionable steps to work smarter not harder and I appreciate that very much.”

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Mustard was incredibly proud to support so many businesses in a year where business owners needed it most.

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